• IchLeibeLudwig

    After hearing that Iceland (UWAAA~) was going to be featured in the upcoming Hetalia movie, I fangasmed and ran about the room before typing up Ayumu Asakura on youtube. He has quite a deep voice (much to my suprise o.o) , and im wondering if Asakura will change the tone of it for his new role? I mean, I never imagined Iceland to be the manly type...I compared Mitsuki Saigas voice with Asakuras, and I think that Saiga should of got the role. She sounds much younger and much more like a 16-17 year old male.

    I thought that Iceland would of had quite a soft, yet serious voice such as Japan (Maybe a little louder) or even a voice like Switzerlands... Did anyone else think that? What are your opinions on Iceys V.A?

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