Invader Moss

aka Stupid worthless moron

  • I live in Sealand, which definitely IS a nation!!!
  • I was born on July 14
  • My occupation is trying to curse Jerk England and hurting her pixies
  • I am very upset with Jerk England
  • Invader Moss

    My Frozen Yogurt....

    February 2, 2013 by Invader Moss

    I'm eating frozen yogurt.

    It tastes really weird.

    I think it might have gone bad or something.

    Whatever. I'm gonna eat it anyway.

    Frozen yogurt is frozen yogurt.

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  • Invader Moss

    Saugen es, Verlierer! Fick dich, ich bin Prueße.

    Saugen. Auf. Dass.

    Ich bin genial! Der beste!

    Kuigi millegipärast ma arvan, on arvuti-nörttisi Eesti võiks öelda seda........

    Yep. Part Prueße, part Eesti. ^^ Yay. I feel a little bit happier now.

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  • Invader Moss

    I'll be kind of surprised if anyone reads this, more surprised if anyone comments, and it'll be hard to believe anyone who says they care.

    My life is currently about the equivalent of Latvia's. I'm depressed, starting to become all emo, I cut myself when no one's around in places that my clothes cover up so no one knows (I'm really starting to think Latvia does that), it doesn't feel like anyone really understands me, and I'm fighting a losing battle against myself. It isn't fun...I can tell you that...

    My writing skills are crap, and my poetry skills are even crappier, so please, if you care nough to read this, you'll have to get past that.

    I decided to write a few yeah.

    Happy Mask

    It's all so funny if you think about it.

    Not the dep…

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