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    Hair Curls

    September 26, 2010 by ItsukoChan

    Okay, so this was something that's been bugging me for a while: hair curls and what they (possibly) represent. I know, Italy and Romano's curls represent "Italy's sexual something", America's represents Nantucket, Austria's represents Mariazell...but I was moreso wondering about the curliness of the hairs.

    For example, I'm going to use Austria's curl, since that's what sparked this idea in the first place. In the episodes/comics about The War of Austrian Succession, after he lost a battle to Prussia, he goes to Maria Theresa and tells her that he lost, in which she says she "can tell by his hair", and the camera zooms in on Mariazell. Maybe I'm the only one who noticed, or maybe it's just me, but Mariazell seemed curlier than before. So I w…

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  • ItsukoChan

    Me and my friend were talking, and we both were wondering about petitioning to bring Korea into the anime.

    We wanted to know if you guys think it could work and whatnot.

    So, would you sign it? Do you think it might/might not work?

    I know how pissed the South Korean government is over this, but if they made a petition to keep him off, what if we made one to bring him on? I can also understand why they're so ticked, but they can just not show it in Korea. Hm...they didn't want Japanese children to get "a bad impression of South Korea" over it, but everyone I've talked to who watches Hetalia likes Korea, they don't think he's bad. Maybe if those kids see it, they won't think negatively of the South Koreans either.

    What do you guys think about thi…

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