Okay, so this was something that's been bugging me for a while: hair curls and what they (possibly) represent. I know, Italy and Romano's curls represent "Italy's sexual something", America's represents Nantucket, Austria's represents Mariazell...but I was moreso wondering about the curliness of the hairs.

For example, I'm going to use Austria's curl, since that's what sparked this idea in the first place. In the episodes/comics about The War of Austrian Succession, after he lost a battle to Prussia, he goes to Maria Theresa and tells her that he lost, in which she says she "can tell by his hair", and the camera zooms in on Mariazell. Maybe I'm the only one who noticed, or maybe it's just me, but Mariazell seemed curlier than before. So I wondered if Austria's curl gets curlier whenever he loses a battle.

When he was a baby-nation, his curl was big and swirly, since he lost to Hungary a lot. As he went through all those marriages as a teen, expanding his empire, his curl straightened out and went along with his hair mostly, since this time-period was a bit of a "win" for him. Then as his empire crumbled, his curl became prominent again.

And then I started thinking about other's curls. Italy is known for being rather terrible in battle, so he'd lose a lot, and therefore both Vargas brothers have large curls. France conquered a lot of territory, but he's also a bit known for being on the losing side, so he has a small, almost not-noticeable curl. America is generally strong, only really losing in the Vietnam War and the like, so he has a prominent hair, but it's not really curly.

I don't know much about Greek, Canadian, Norwegian, Turkish, Chinese (yes, he has one or two very small curls in his ponytail), Korean, Taiwanese, etc. history, so I'm not sure if their curls apply to this theory as well.

So what do you guys think?

EDIT: France's curl is more evident in the anime, by the way. In the strips...I've only seen it in the one titled Italy's Big Brother, so far anyways.