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    China's character song previews came out yesterday! And there is some girl's voice in there along with China-aru's voice. Is that person a character in Hetalia? Anyhow, here's the link:

    If you want the preview with the Japanese romaji and the English translation, here's the link:

    I like this song because there are Chinese words in it, too. See if you can spot them in the translated version! ^_^

    If they don't appear highlighted, then just type it in in your URL box. The songs are only previews, but I'm sure that they would be very good to listen to anyhow!

    Aiyaa Four Thousand Years preview link:

    It is a ve…

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    Hello, Hetalia fans of alike and different!

    I have been away for a few days, studying my scripts for the drama performance that I am performing along with many other students at the performing arts school that I am currently going to, and getting some more pictures for the articles on this wikia. I can't really find any facts about the characters, unless History facts of the actual country is allowed also. Then I can actually help out with writing the articles too.

    So I come back after a few days and all of a sudden, this "Hetalia Virus" thing comes up. I think that's kind of strange, since I came home to visit my family this weekend, and my dad borrowed the computer, and he couldn't even get online without the computer almost crashing! I wo…

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    My First Blog Post

    January 29, 2010 by Izzybizzy-aru


    I've been searching quite a lot about the members of this wiki, and it seems as though they are all nice. I really like the atmosphere and the background and I think you guys have made it quite interesting. I love everything with a little variety, who doesn't? My friends and I all love Hetalia and World History, so I think you guys did a nice job and keep on the good work! Hetalia has made History class improve on my already-big curiousity on World History and it's really fun to do. It is actually one of the only subjects that I don't mind doing homework for.

    But I also want to have a little piece of advice. Wikipedia and its other branches do not give accurate sources of information, so I really don't know what sources to trust to ge…

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