Hello, Hetalia fans of alike and different!

I have been away for a few days, studying my scripts for the drama performance that I am performing along with many other students at the performing arts school that I am currently going to, and getting some more pictures for the articles on this wikia. I can't really find any facts about the characters, unless History facts of the actual country is allowed also. Then I can actually help out with writing the articles too.

So I come back after a few days and all of a sudden, this "Hetalia Virus" thing comes up. I think that's kind of strange, since I came home to visit my family this weekend, and my dad borrowed the computer, and he couldn't even get online without the computer almost crashing! I wonder if it has to do with the virus? What problems is it causing anyway?

Also, as I was saying, I have been trying to find pictures to upload for the articles. And I do not understand what it means by "Type of Website or Source," because one of my pictures came from a website that was in Russian or Ukrainian or something, so if someone can help me out with that, that will be great! And how do I know that I'm posting my picture on the correct article? If someone could help me out with that too, that would also be good! Thanks!

When are the previews for China's character songs coming out? If someone can tell me, that will be greatly appreciated! And I love all of the character's theme songs, especially Japan-aru's, England-ahen's, France-san's "Embrace the Tres Bien Moi," Germany-san's, Italy-kun's, Russia-san's "My Heart Has a Light," and America-san's (Whoops I just listed all of the countries! XD)! Except France-san's "Paris Is Indeed Splendid" drives me nuts (Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Ri!), it always gets stuck in my head, and I sometimes get puzzled for a very long time after I hear the really weird crashing sound in Russia-san's "Winter."

Oh, and I cannot wait for the Olympics! There's a really good Chinese curler that I have heard about, and there are a lot of really good American athletes, and the new version of "We Are the World" is going to be performed, so I'm very excited! Bye, Hetalia fans!

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