I've been searching quite a lot about the members of this wiki, and it seems as though they are all nice. I really like the atmosphere and the background and I think you guys have made it quite interesting. I love everything with a little variety, who doesn't? My friends and I all love Hetalia and World History, so I think you guys did a nice job and keep on the good work! Hetalia has made History class improve on my already-big curiousity on World History and it's really fun to do. It is actually one of the only subjects that I don't mind doing homework for.

But I also want to have a little piece of advice. Wikipedia and its other branches do not give accurate sources of information, so I really don't know what sources to trust to get new information on Hetalia. LiveJournal is one of them, I know, but the webcomics are just too confusing and jumbled up. It seems as though I can only watch the anime to keep peace of mind.

I sometimes wonder that now Hetalia gave Funimation the rights to English-dub Hetalia, I wonder if it'll go global. I would love it if that happened. I think it will bring new connections and new forms of peace to the world, and everyone will get to know about every other country's backgrounds and have a little laughter with it. I wish that if it will go global someday, that it will change people's minds about thinking that World History sucks and make it a little more interesting. That is what intrigues me about Hetalia and World History.

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