I have been thinking about this for a while...but, if applied to real world standards, which Hetalia country would be connected to which Hetalia country?

One example I can think of is Holland and Canada being buddies since Canadian troops liberated the Dutch in WWII from Nazi control. Even to this day there are celebrations in Holland for this Liberation and every year on May 5th, Holland sends Canada tulips as a way of thanking them. Tulips as you all know were what most Dutch people subsisted on since agricultural imports were frozen and since food was so scarce, they had to resort to eating tulip bulbs.

Plus, Canada also let the Royal Family of the Netherlands take haven and even a princess was born in Ottawa Civic Hospital in Ottawa, Canada. The ward of the hospital was temporarily treated as non-Canadian territory in order for the Princess Margriet so that she would have her citizenship from her mother solely, keeping her a Dutch citizen. This was all according to the rule of jus soli.

I think the relationship between those two would be quite friendly.

What do you think and please do constructively criticize these facts I present above and in my other posts as well.

What other Hetalia countries would have a relationship whether friendly or unfriendly

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