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  • I live in (Born in Ethiopia) Now the USA (America)
  • I was born on July 19
  • My occupation is Student xD
  • I am female (of course :3)
  • Kirbyna321

    HEY GUYS IT'S KIRBYNA/MIKISU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm going to say that I love Hetalia, but there're some flaws and things they should fix, and coutnries they should add.

    The anime is awesome and cute in general, but why watch it in sub when you aren't Japanese. I can understand that you're Japanese and you were a Japanese native then watch it in your native tongue, but if you can't speak the language or you're not even Japanese watch it in what EVERY country can speak AKA English. Just seriously why be freaked out when you're watching things about countries if they were people.

    First of all I'm Estonian, and when people say that they know about Estonia. They don't saying anythign that we like to do or the capital, but they telll about the …

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