aka Kita On'nanoko Laurant

  • I live in I cannot give it out
  • I was born on May 2
  • My occupation is I cannot give it out
  • I am Female
  • Kita-chan

    If you watch the anime, you often see cats. I was watching the episode that just came out last monday. There was an animal walking next to chibi Lithuania. I said to myself, "Cute kitty!" Then I heard the 'cat' bark and I was like "Ok this cat has voice problems" then Chibi Russia said "cute puppy". That's when I pretty much freaked out. There is no way that that was a dog. Not even dogs with pointy ears look like that. Did they sub it wrong or is that really a dog?

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  • Kita-chan

    Did you guys see it?

    December 3, 2010 by Kita-chan

    I've been doing my usual everyday watch (if it's my homepage wouldn't it be stalking?) of Kitayume and Himaruya-san's blog. I some how got a hold of the link to the Gakuen Hetalia site (which I visit more than once a day. Holy cow, I am a stalker) Is anyone else impressed wth the pictures for the game? I think it looks a lot better than the demo for the pc game that Himaruya-san didn't finish. But the difference is that this for the anime, so..yeah...

    I just wanted to know your opinions.

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  • Kita-chan

    Today I got my box set for season 2. I was really upset because I had an order that was closer to the release date. All of the closer-to-the-date orders were going to be shipped out late because of not making enough. Anyways, What would you do if you had to sit down with your family and watch season 2? What would happen?

    (Yay! Now I must go and watch it!)

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  • Kita-chan


    November 1, 2010 by Kita-chan

    Iceland finally appeared in the anime (plus, he's cute XD)! Yay! Is anyone else excited about this?

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  • Kita-chan

    I would love some help!

    October 30, 2010 by Kita-chan

    Recently I have started a new Hetalia wiki (ok, before you ppl kill me, the wiki is not the same as hetalia archives). The wiki's called "Hetalia Fanfictions Wiki". I made this wiki to let authors from to be able to post summeries, pictures, and extra information about their hetalia fanfics in an area that the general public can acess more easily. I'm not very good at websites like hetalia wiki. I really want some people to help keep everything under control and in an organized fashion. Right now I am the only person working on this wiki and it needs a lot more work.

    If you can help me run this wiki, please contact me.

    here's the link:

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