Hello there, Hetalia Archives (:

I decided to write a quick blog post just to introduce myself, since I've sometimes posted as an Anonymus in here. Yes, ranting about Himaruya not making Yugoslavia characters yet, seen that anywhere? If you have... That's (most) probably me. Though I haven't posted a lot whatever... Yeah.

If you've noticed, or not. Probably not. Or did you? I come from the not so epic ex-Yugoslavia, a weirdly shaped country named Croatia. Yup, shaped like a... Horse shoe, or that thing on the Russian flag with which you cut grass... Right?

So, my name's Kate, but I'd like to be called Kuroasia. The reason why I chose this username is because my friend and I made fun of our homeland's names, and japanezored them. So yeah, Kuroasia. : D I'm like, young and started watching Hetalia when it came out. Soyah. Woo!!

My favorite character is like, everyone except for... Don't kill me now, please... Ukraine andSeychelles, even if I dislike Belarus a bit, but she's too awesome to be hated. I've developed a great fondness for Germany, Italy, Prussia and Austria. As well as England, France (cabbage!), Poland, Switzerland, China, Japan and Korea. |: But from all of those, Germany, Italy, Prussia, England, France, China, Romano. From the like. TOP TOP TOP TOP. Germany and Italy are very close to us <3 Love that.

I've created my own group of characters. Yes, Yugoslavia. Quite frankly, I've seen some versions of the Yugos, but I don't like those. I especially like how Slovenia and Macedonia came out <3. Wanna see 'em? Ask?

So... I'd like to talk with people here, and um. Hopefully make some friends or whatever xD I'm not a very sociable person.

Sorry if it's TL;DR. (:

Zdravi budite,

<3 Kuroasia

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