I...suppose it is mandatory for me to introduce myself to e-everyone here...?

My name is Weihaiwei (or usually just Weihai)--but of course you're welcome to call me Lan-E. But since people tend to pronounce it wrong and I may or may not respond to it being said incorrectly, English speakers often just call me Elaine.

My native language is Mandarin, of course... But after three years spent underneath Japan's rule I picked up a small bit of Japanese... Then of course my brother signed a contract or whatnot and handed me off to 英国-ah...! I mean sire England! I was a British colony (though no one really ever counted me as one, me being just a simple city...) for approximately a century, which gave me plenty of time with my English... Of course, being under England, my accent is more of a British one, not a Chinese one typical to my people...

A-anyway, I truly hope we'll become friends...? Aha...

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