I have created a page for the Hetalia Dub and I'd like to spread the news as much as possible. I've come to realise that SO many people want to know what the characters are saying in the dub and I can totally understand why - I mean the pace they speak at and the varying accents makes it somewhat difficult to catch everything being said exactly =_=; and that's a shame because the English script is so clever and intricate you wouldn't want to miss a word of it! >:D

Anyway, so far on the page I have included the scripts for each episode BUT they are blank/uncompleted. I will be updating the scripts whenever I can, but it's an immense amount of work and I badly need assistance ;_; Plus, since I'm doing it by ear I'm probably making a crapload of mistakes :P so having others going to look at it and editing it would be super helpful!

Glad you understand! Go there NOW :3

Thankies bro <3

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