I just wanted to let everyone know who are my favorite people/countries in Hetalia currently. I really love them all though! ^_^

1. Germany. I don't know why, I just find him awesome. Also, Germany is mein home land :D

2. Canada. Who!? It's Canada, eh! I love Matthew, so much. He's adorable.

3.. Prussia. Pure. Awesomness. XD

4. N. Italy. Paasstaaaaa!!!

5. America. Ah, Yes, the hero!~ 

6. Russia. Vodka! Yay, he's cool :D

7. China. Kitty-Chan's biggest fan, aru! :O

8. Latvia. He is so cute! And so terrified of Russia D;

9. France. Romance! He can be a little pervy sometimes, but that what makes him special, no? ;)

10. Austria. We both play Piano ;)

11. Sealand. He is too a country! Just a tiny one! (I cosplayed him :3)

12. Japan

13. Hong Kong

14. Liechtenstein & Switzerland tie.

15. Finland

16. Chibitalia. Although, I wish that they would not show him as much anymore in the make room for the other characters.

17. England

18. Holy Roman Empire

19. Lithunia

20. Poland

21. Korea

22. Belgium

23. Ukraine

I don't want to list anymore right now. DX Their all awesome, and funny, and great characters. I actually like ALL of them.  Although, Belarus does scare me...

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