• "Now you are at Japan's house."

JAPAN: Oh, Prossia-kun. How are you? PRUSSIA: I came to you to clean your house and demand gratitude. J: You should not say it so directly. I appreciate your offer, but I have already finished cleaning today. P: What? It's 9 in the morning. You have done so early? J: Yes. I'm old-aged enough to be satisfied by just little passtime but bonsai, cleaning, just idling my time.... J: And TV games, Shonen Jump,combing my Pochi and patting him and taking him out for a walk, drawing mangas,cooking soba noodle, and ....

  • "Japan, you are oriented to so many things."

P: You might be so happy every day. A-anyway, I guess you remain somewhere unfinished, eh? J: No. I always plan to clean my house daily in a week. P: Really nothing there? Don't you have any little thing? See this game titled 'The cleaner Prussia'! J: Mmm...yes, I have one place actually. But I wouldn't like to... make you involve that. That contains many troublesome things.... P: I beg you to give me work. I don't care how troublesome it is! Let me clean anywhere you like!! J: Prossia-kun!? All right.... P: OK!? So, now we have a time for planning over tea. And yes, manju cakes we'll have!

  • Prussia looks happy, in other hand Japan takes his scalf out from his kimono.

J: Prussia-kun, I just received your firm resolusion to clean so eagerly... Now, why not start now! With all our might!! P: What? J: Look this storage! I've been storing everything randomly for hundreds years. P: Ah, how about manju first, maybe...? J: There've been no means about it. But now I have you for my help. How encouraging! Now, let's start cleaning! P: You shouldn't jump in so sudden difficulties. Say, you always serve me tea and manju at first.... J: How I thank you, Prussia-kun. Cheer up!!

  • They go in the storage. Turns dark.

P: Japan, what the hell is it! Too strange! J: I remember that I bought it, but never imagine such a thing has been left here. P: W-wait! No! Oooops! J: Don't be frightened so much. It's just normal in our country. P: Never normal at all!! Have you been keeping it from that old age? J: Prussia-kun! What you just have in your hand is very rare vintage! P: Really? This limp and flabby one? I can't understand. May I sit down here? Oh, my! J: Please be careful not to break the package. P: Sorry. Oh? What the hell is this !! Gyaaaaaaaa!! Aaaaaaaa......

  • "This is how the cleaning ends, and Prussia made dead tired by it."

(He lays down on tatami mat and being funned by Japan) "At last Japan served Prussia high grade manjus...." "But Prussia was so tired that he couldn't eat only 34 manju cakes."

"The end"(Owari)

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