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Today, we remember the day that The United States of America became an independent country through the Declaration of Independence. America's birthday, 4th of July or also called Independence day! It's usually celebrated with fireworks, cookouts, and family activities that can be bunches of fun if you've never celebrated Fourth of July due to not living in America! Also on the 1st of July was Canada's birthday in which many people forgot..sadly. This day is called Canada Day and my radio station kept saying "Wow, Canada. You sure are looking good!" Now that we remembered the brothers birthday's, here's a special gift to them, a picture for their birthdays. Happy Birthday America and Happy Late Birthday Canada! We wish you luck with your countries for years to come!

- Love Oldworldblues42, Nerdinyourcloset & IWantToHugALandmass:D

P.s. Become one with Russia, da?

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