I was wondering if there can be articles for the drama CD tracks like the Mini-Dramas, Honey Bee, Ore-Sama no CD with english translations because some fans who take the time to listen to the drama CD's wanna know what they are saying. I know some of the drama CD's are pretty long like China's "Asian and Western Festivals" found in The Hetalia Character CD vol.8.

But it would be nice if there were translations for it so the fans could actually laugh at what they just said instead of laughing because of America's funny scream or because Tony the Alien said something and so he got censored*. I don't really go to Live Journal for translations or Hetalia-related stuff unless it is a really good post so don't expect me to go there anytime soon. It would be kind of a challenge to translate the whole tracks unless you can find a translation of it from another website; and if you do, please give credit the original person who translated it. Also due to some drama tracks to be long, it is better to keep only the english translation so the article won't be a longer than Prussia's 5 meters.

Lets use Prussia's Ore-Sama CD Track 5 as an example:

  • The title can be either 'What do you want!', 'Track 5-What do you want!', or anything that will provide less confusion for the readers.
  • A summary like in most articles,
  • A template with the title, jname, picture, track listing[?], starring/with/who is in it, and anything else that can be helpful.
  • English translation

・Which can be kinda like this:

Prussia: I-Italy-chan! Lets go on a date to the Danube river!

Italy: Ahhh its a photo of the bird!~

Prussia: Danube! Danube!

  • Album
  • Trivia (optional)

This is only a thought, if you guys agree with my idea then please feel free to create articles about the drama CD tracks. Sorry if this wasted your time aru. (-ω-`;)

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