Bounjour!/Hey guys! Good morning! Today, I was checked out Animate's site for France and America's Hatafutte Parade today and I found it! The link is below my little thoughts and opinions, so sit back and enjoy the preview of Hattafutte Parade!

My Thoughts & Opinions about the preview

America's: Very fitting and 'Americany', loved the techno theme! Didn't hate it or anything because I usually listen to this type of music; "The world revolving on the Stars and Stripes" well, that means I won that bet with my Hetalia buddies on what America was going to say; "Are. You. Ready?" matched the theme of the song, reminded me of when you would play DDR at the arcade.

France's: Very smooth and magnifique, loved France's "De zekochou!~"; Not so bad, I prefer Hatafutte Parade over his MKC; Learned some more French though! (^∀^*)

Link: To download just click "MP3 を抽出" and a download box will appear de zekochou!

And yes, I do understand about the not putting up download links because that's illegal thing; BUT, that is only if I were to put the full version of the song, which I didn't so previews are an ok and the full ver. is not.

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