Hmmm..So....*Is drawing* Been drawing too much...(Is there such thing?.. :O) Been busy with hw too much..(>_< THERE IS TOO MUCH HW IN THIS WORLD!) Lalalala, I have this strange obsession with Nyotalia for some reason..and I've drawn a ton of them...and I've had some strange obsession with Mochi's....I've drawn a bunch of those too..(THEY ARE SO EASY!~~ GAAAH) Errrgghhh, I've been inactive on Wikia..and DeviantART alot lately..I think some people may have noticed..and I still have those dumb requests..I SHOULD HAVE NEVER DID THE REQUEST IDEAS EVER!..Lol...<_<...Anyways..I love The Nordics..(Yeah..been obsessed wiht them alot lately too) OH AND I GOT ME A HETALIA SHIRT!...Tis great...Hmmmm...ERM...I wanna Rp...really bad...Actually..I've wanted to Rp alot more than I have lately..but it doesnt really matter..I'm busy and have no time to Rp...get on chat...ooooorrrrr...Draw Invader Zim...stuff..>_>.....<_<.....But I do have time to draw Nyotalia characters....Hrmm.....Welp,

With Love from your crazy obsessive friend,

Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, best bands ever! (talk) 23:14, October 23, 2012 (UTC)

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