• PKsmash6000

    During my normal stalkings of Himaruya's blog, his new post was about a faceless man. Soon when i translated the text into engrish i saw

    "Luxembourg's about the best I think I feel like a man who refreshing common sense. Bamboo look is not decided yet. I put out a little bit about history in four volumes?"

    Probably Himaruya is leaning torwards Male!Luxembourg but still no offical confirmation on gender OR look.

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  • PKsmash6000

    I was on Himaruya's site and found one of his recent sketches he just posted.

    Himaruya released drawings of our Mediterranean trio including 2 questionable countries.....

    The first three are clearly Greece, Turkey, and Egypt...

    Greece has his curl, a cat, and cross... Turkey has his mask, sword, and hat.... Egypt has his jackel and his Egyptian hat thingie...

    But if you look closely to those last 2 nations.... Cyprus and TRNC?

    The possible TRNC has Turkey's hat and England's eyebrows because ALL of the island used to be under british control before the invasion... Even the possible Cyprus has England's eyebrows due to its past English Rule and a cross similar to Greece and a wierd hat?

    What do you think. Is it the …

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