• Peacelovenihon

    EDIT: You can pretty much ignore this now. After listen to the dub for a while, I had to admit Japan's VA was undeniably cute. ^^; Sorry for wasting your time!

    Okay, first, to start off, hi, I'm new here so I'm not sure how to work this well but I'll try.

    The talk around here is the English dub I see, and as a pretty big Japan fangirl, I was eager to hear how Japan would sound. I recently heard the VA and personally ... I'm torn on whether I hate it or not.

    Anyone else hear how wrong it sounds? I know that FUNimation is doing their best and personally, I am greatly pleased at the cast I had heard so far. Everyone fits the vibe of how the characters are and their stereotype are: America is energetic and loud, England has a smooth and "refined"…

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