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  • Rainbowfartz

    I have a friend who has a whole hubby list. She was married to Prussia, then America, now Romano, then England, then Denmark, then Norway, and on and on... I found this weird and I realized that the people bashing on countries are more Country x Reader peeps who want to defend their anime crush.

    This friend of mine REALLY hated Hungary and Austria. Hungary because Prussia might have had a crush on her (I ship PruHun so this pissed me off a bit) and Austria because PRUSSIA "hated" him. Now, she "broke up" with Prussia and "fell in love" with "Alfie". I admit, there was no problems with that. Then, she "married" Romano and INSTA-BOOM. She hated Belgium. I actually didn't know why she hated Bel now because Romano only asked her to kiss him in …

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  • Rainbowfartz


    March 8, 2014 by Rainbowfartz

    Okay, I admit I was hacked before. I was just on the Ouran wiki and some hacker or troll or whatever deleted the whole Tamaki Suoh page. I hadn't joined Wikia yet, and I noobishly commented, "I can't see it". Then, however, the troll started acting vulgar and cursing. He even revealed my name, and I was banned from Wikia for a while.

    Sometimes you are going to be hacked, and this is when you should report to the Wikia administrators. They can help, and the trolls aren't going to go away if if you just ignore it.

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  • Rainbowfartz

    First, I know PruHun fans (being one myself) aren't very kind to Austria. Yes, I know AusHun is canon, and you don't have to LIKE it, but you don't need to bash characters either, right?

    Secondly, AusHun fans, if you feel so strongly about this hate then you should stay away from PruHun.

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