• Tada Hitori

    After reading quite a few stories off, I actually wondered jow some of the authors come up with the human names for those who do not have an official name or those who are gender-bent.

    Let's start with the gender-bent versions first. For Veneciano, I would normally see Felicia, opposed to 'Daisy' in the article Memes in fandom. Similarly for Romano, I see Lovina instead of 'Katarina'. For Ludwig, Louise is the most commonly seen. For Kiku, it's Sakura. For Alfred, Francis, Yao and Ivan, all of them mostly use those seen in the Memes in fandom article. For Arthur, most use Alice, but I've Agatha and Elizabeth before.

    I've been planning to write a Gakuen Hetalia-style fic, so I was thinking of gender-bending (more than) a few ch…

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  • Tada Hitori


    October 3, 2010 by Tada Hitori

    The other day, a friend of mine were talking about me and my sister complex. It bacame so random that he said that I had 'Hetalia Complex' (I call it HetaCom. Sounds like a webpage to another friend of mine) because Hetalia was the only manga/anime that I had told him about for the past few months. That kinda got me thinking.

    When I checked wikipedia, the definition I got was: In psychology a complex is a group of mental factors that are unconsciously associated by the individual with a particular subject or connected by a recognizable theme and influence the individual's attitude and behavior.

    When I commented on NefkaAlice's recent post on the History books, I had a really long reply there, which I mentioned about my notes. I think it's real…

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