The other day, a friend of mine were talking about me and my sister complex. It bacame so random that he said that I had 'Hetalia Complex' (I call it HetaCom. Sounds like a webpage to another friend of mine) because Hetalia was the only manga/anime that I had told him about for the past few months. That kinda got me thinking.

When I checked wikipedia, the definition I got was: In psychology a complex is a group of mental factors that are unconsciously associated by the individual with a particular subject or connected by a recognizable theme and influence the individual's attitude and behavior.

When I commented on NefkaAlice's recent post on the History books, I had a really long reply there, which I mentioned about my notes. I think it's really a sign of a 'complex', because it's no longer an 'obssession'. I mean, do you write down the katakana/kanji on every map of Europe on your History textbook? Mine has many little ドイツs, ロシアs , アメリカs etc. My teacher said it was very 'unique'. (his eyelid was twitching, though. XD)

What do you guys think?

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