First of all: Hi I'm one your anonymous lurkers :D Thanks to this site my Hetalia knowledge has increased tenfold!

Well, if you guys didn't see already, Himaruya posted chibi drawings of two new...well not nations but principalities! There's the Principality of Wy, a fourteen-ish year old brunette girl with a side-ponytail who's floating on a broom (or giant paintbrush?), which is a place very near Australia. Also there's the principality of Seborga...who looks almost exactly like North Italy, right down to the ahoge. In real life, Seborga is just a town, notable because it seceded from Italy, idk why. When I saw these two newbies, it made me wish Himaruya was still into making names to his characters (side question, when did he stop doing that, and why?) and it made me remember that a lot of characters have names fandom just made up for them.

For example, fandom named Ukraine "Katyusha", Denmark "Mathias" (I've also seen "Soren") Belgium "Bella," and Taiwan "Mei" (or "Meimei"). I wondered where all those names came from, and who first started them, and thought, hey, why not give out some ideas here? If there's any place to make up new Hetalia character names, I'd think the series' wiki would be a good one. Sooo...random name ideas/votes for these guys? Or any nation without an official name?

If you haven't seen them yet, scroll to the bottom of this page, go visit Bamboo Thicket. To do so, go to the sidebar, "people," find his name, scroll to the bottom and click "Bamboo Thicket." I'd post the link but the dang site won't let me >:(

I know very little about either of these places so I'll just find one similar to their names....For Wy, something similar would be...Whitney? Idk ^^;

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