• Tiamatwizard

    I promise to stop bring stuff up like this, really! D:

    ...Well, try.

    Seeing as we out-lawed fan pictures/videos after the problem with the Pairings pages, what happens to these?

    • Axis Powers Hetalia: The Perfect Caramelldansen (fan video)
    • Axis Powers Hetalia: Unlimited (fan video)
    • Black Hetalia (fan video)
    • Seven Colors of Hetalia (fan video)
    • APH I Can't Decide Russia x US
    • Mein Gott - Prussia
    • The category in general

    And, while I'm at it:

    • APH - Episode 1
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  • Tiamatwizard

    Guess what: Summer school. w00t.

    Sort of.

    It's more like "just going for the credits", except I get each class for about 2 hours a day.

    Point being, I will be pretty busy, especially with the Speech credit.

    Don't expect as much work as I usually do. D: Sowwie.

    (That's not to say I won't be trolling watching you here. I will probably try to skip out of my projects and roam here or on Facebook. XD)

    So, yeah, I'm sorry. Starting around next week, if it goes to plan. I'll try to get a lot done before-hand, though!

    P.S. - Took SAT today. :D Working around here actually helped me write my essay, both in subject and grammer~

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  • Tiamatwizard

    Mag. Images~! :D

    June 5, 2010 by Tiamatwizard

    With the movie 'n' all, there's been a lot of good ones lately...~

    (All scans were uploaded to my Imageshack account, so no worries about hotlinking...or whatever. :D)

    CD Cover:

    • Character CD: All Cast (???)

    Movie Promotion Images:

    • Prussia
    • Japan (holding a video camera), chibi-America (holding a tub of popcorn and directing), chibi-Germany (as a camera-man), chibi-England (holding a clapper) (plus chibi: HRE and Chibitalia)
    • Japan and England (It's a spread-ish thing, but it's in movie outfits, so.)
    • Prussia (being some sort of journalist), Germany, and Japan (plus chibi: France, Italy, and England)


    • Germany, Italy, Japan (plus chibi: America, England, France), mug-shots of others, full-character line-up
    • Japan (plus chibi: America, England, Ita…

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  • Tiamatwizard


    May 25, 2010 by Tiamatwizard

    Because this is bugging meeeee. D: *insertwhininghere*

    For the translated lyrics (that is, English), should we (I will be using Russia's and France's MCs for this):

    • Leave any non-Japanese/English word alone, period
    Ex.: Hey hey, папа, give me vodka
    Ne ne Papa, wine s'il vous plaît

    • Leave any non-Japanese/English word alone, with references
    Ex.: Hey hey, папа[1], give me vodka
    Ne ne Papa, wine s'il vous plaît[1]
    (At the bottom of the section)
    1) ↑ please
    1) ↑ papa

    • Change it to English, but leave the original next to it
    Ex.: Hey hey, папа (Papa), give me vodka
    Ne ne Papa, wine s'il vous plaît (please)

    • Change it to English, because it's in the English translation area
    Ex.: Hey hey, Papa, give me vodka
    Ne ne Papa, wine, if you please

    Note: This is only the English lyrics …

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  • Tiamatwizard
    • Axis Powers Hetalia: The Perfect Caramelldansen (fan video)
    • Axis Powers Hetalia: Unlimited (fan video)
    • Black Hetalia (fan video)
    • Independence Sky (Doujinshi)
    • Seven Colors of Hetalia (fan video)
    • Category: Fanfiction

    We mentioned this a lot, but the discussion kind of ends before we do anything. I figured, since we're already doing a major clean-up, might as well bring it up again.

    I argue that we get rid of them. If needed, we could always make an article for fanfictions, videos, etc., and give a small mention.

    Sure, the fanon space is really there for this kind of thing, but I honestly don't think that they need their own articles, even if they are pretty famous among the fans.

    As for the fanfiction category...

    It doesn't have anythng in it. :| So...

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