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    A lot of people have been wondering if the Holy Roman Empire (HRE) grows up to be Germany. While I don't have enough evidence to support or deny this rumor, I feel like I should point out that everyone here should compare the HRE and Germany Marukaite Chikyuu character songs. The lyrics are not only similar, but they're coinciding-

    From the Holy Roman Empire's Marukaite Chikyuu:

    "Aah, I'll never forget The warmth of that child's hand No matter how many years pass, of all the world, I love you the most " (translated, of course, meaning Chibitalia)

    And Germany's Marukaite Chikyuu says something about a paintbrush apart from the chorus, I believe.

    The pacing and accent of Germany and HRE's "Mutti" and "Vati" is the same as well.

    Well, I might be w…

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