• VivaLaVidaxFB

    A lot of pairings are listed already, but not all of them are listed, liked CanIce, one of my favourite pairings (although not very common), and Hungary/Taiwan is missing, too.

    And Hong Kong/America too, lol.

    But my question is: Should we add these or not? I mean, UKanada is already up there, and that's not the biggest pairing either. I know that I got into one or two pairings from the list, so I figured: Why can't we put up stuff like CanIce and Hungary/Taiwan?

    Then again, we shouldn't put up too many pairings, if you know what I mean. :u

    What do you guys think?

    EDIT: WonderfulAsia has a point.

    "The pairings that could be possible candidates to be added should be official, not just mere fandom pairings. They should at least have an official str…

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