A lot of pairings are listed already, but not all of them are listed, liked CanIce, one of my favourite pairings (although not very common), and Hungary/Taiwan is missing, too.

And Hong Kong/America too, lol.

But my question is: Should we add these or not? I mean, UKanada is already up there, and that's not the biggest pairing either. I know that I got into one or two pairings from the list, so I figured: Why can't we put up stuff like CanIce and Hungary/Taiwan?

Then again, we shouldn't put up too many pairings, if you know what I mean. :u

What do you guys think?

EDIT: WonderfulAsia has a point.

"The pairings that could be possible candidates to be added should be official, not just mere fandom pairings. They should at least have an official strip the two are shown to have a relation. If there just mere fandom pairings, I don't think we should add them. Though something like Turkey/Japan could be a valid pairing to due to there relationship being mentioned in the story. Something like Hong Kong/Iceland are just mere fan pairings and this is an official wiki, so if one started a Hetalia Fanon Wiki they could be added."

But what else would we add on that Wiki?

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