• XxMapSyrxx

    you probably noticed the predictions i gave last time were absolute crap = =

    Here is the link to my last time's useless rant, now all you need to do is laugh at me = =

    The idea for last time was that Himaruya sensei was going to release something suprising around Halloween. I must confess that as he started showing everyone in Halloween costumes, i knew my game was up......

    So you'd think all i will talk about in this blog post is how i will never pursue an overanalysis profession, because clearly it got me nowhere. Well, think again. *getting smacked from all angles*

    Nah....the overanalysis will be back at a later date....but for now i woul…

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  • XxMapSyrxx

    you might have noticed a few changes.

    Now, i am unsure of this kind of events in the past because i am relatively new to the fandom, but that does not mean we can't do it just because it has not been done in the past or has been done in the past.....

    Anyway, i am someone who have been following Himaruya sensei's blog for quite some time now for a very obvious reason. In the past, he has released important materials through his blog around prominent holidays. In case you have forgotten everything France did during Christmas, well, i wouldn't have called it important, but it definitely spiced things up for all of us. Through my tracking of Himaruya sensei's blog, i have found he does draw things sometimes just to please the fans. You see, if you…

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