• Yonkonkaroo

    Hey guess, I found something interesting on wiki:

    It turns out that countries can be represented by Zodiac as well.

    Year of the Rat:

    Germany; Austria; Sweden; Netherlands (Brazil and Colombia)


    Switzerland; India; Finland; Cuba; Ukraine (Bolivia and Yemen)


    Russia; Romania; Spain; Turkey (North Korea and Uruguay)


    (Croatia Iraq Malaysia Oman Chile Syria)


    China; UK; (North?) Italy; Denmark; Japan; Bulgaria; Vietnam (Iran and The Federa...FSM...)


    Egypt; All the Baltics (Lithuania and such) (Mongolia Peru SaudiaArabia Myanmar SriLanka and Trinidad/Tobargo)


    (South?) Italy (Portugal Mexico SouthAfrica Israel and Pakistan)


    Greece (Kenya Cambodia Belize Libya Panama)


    US; France; …

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  • Yonkonkaroo

    Just a Question

    August 11, 2010 by Yonkonkaroo

    My friend told me that the cross in Norway's hair was given to him by Denmark and Norway gave Denmark a necklace that he always wears but you can't see.

    She totally believes this is not fanon but I on the other hand do not believe so.

    Please answer me as to if this is fanon or canon

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  • Yonkonkaroo

    Hetalia Movie?

    July 17, 2010 by Yonkonkaroo

    I've been looking for the Hetalia movie for months and haven't found anything except summeries of the movie. Can someone link me and the other people who have been looking for it? I don't want a summary. I actually want to watch the movie. Can you at least tell me if someone is subbing it yet?

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  • Yonkonkaroo

    About their hights

    July 14, 2010 by Yonkonkaroo

    I've been waiting to make an account on here forever and I finally did it. I'm Yon. Hey everybody. (Short intro is short as it should be.)

    I've been thinking about the dub, and I know why it's only 30$. There are only 25 episodes in a season and each of said episodes are 5 MINUTES LONG (ANGER). That is why it is still very expensive. I knew we were being conned! It only takes an hour to watch that many episodes! But I can't complain since Funi is doing us the favor of dubbing the show for us.

    Another thing that's bothered me ever since I started Hetalia, is the character's hights. I mean I'm as tall as Italy! Well I am pretty tall for a girl, but JAPAN IS LIKE 5 INCHES SHORTER THAN ME! I could pick him up. And I know that 180 cm is the perfe…

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