I've been waiting to make an account on here forever and I finally did it. I'm Yon. Hey everybody. (Short intro is short as it should be.)

I've been thinking about the dub, and I know why it's only 30$. There are only 25 episodes in a season and each of said episodes are 5 MINUTES LONG (ANGER). That is why it is still very expensive. I knew we were being conned! It only takes an hour to watch that many episodes! But I can't complain since Funi is doing us the favor of dubbing the show for us.

Another thing that's bothered me ever since I started Hetalia, is the character's hights. I mean I'm as tall as Italy! Well I am pretty tall for a girl, but JAPAN IS LIKE 5 INCHES SHORTER THAN ME! I could pick him up. And I know that 180 cm is the perfect German man's hight (For those Nazi wankers at least.) but I have friends who are 184 cm and now I think of Germany as a Muscley midget T~T. And Russia and Sweden are REALLY short compared how their made out to be. Everyone should be more afraid of Mori from OHHS who id 192 freaking cm when Russia is only a puny 182cm. >> Dose this make any sence! A highschooler is taller than the bigest contry in the world.

What I'm trying to say is, because they're countries, do you think they will grow as time and their countries go on. I mean, 20 year olds are taller now than in the 40's. It's a fact.

Another thing. Because of Hetalia, I am now a Yoai pervert. Not like I wasn't a pervy sage before but...still.

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